It’s All About the Peacock Baby!

So apparently, this Fall peacock is definitely in, as well as turquoise (that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong). I’ve been seeing so many people with peacock earrings and there’s a big buzz around the color turquoise and/or teal this year (again, just my opinion).Soooooo,

in the spirit of conformity ;)…I chose to wear my peacock earrings and match my makeup around it. Now, it isn’t anything too dramatic, I actually think it’s very subtle, but that’s just me. Hope you all enjoy!


For this look I used Coastal Scent’s 28 color Neutral Palette for the under-brow highlight 

The 88 Original Palette for the turquoise on my lower lash line and the brown in my crease.

On my lid I used a gold color (any gold color will suffice).

Here's a close up.

Sorry the pictures are low-quality. My laptop's camera is not the best!