Swagged Up I Be Killin’

Now that I got your attention. Let’s talk about eyelashes!!! (You’ve probably realized that this post has nothing to do with the title :)) Anywho. This weekend I went out with a couple of friends and I had to, had to, had to, get some eyelashes! I didn’t want to go to the beauty supply because I wasn’t satisfied with the lashes I bought from them. So I tried out some new eyelashes called Andrea. Now, I’m not sure if they’re the knock off Ardell lashes or a spin-off, or just a completely different brand; but I bought them along with some DUO Eyelash Adhesive. Here is my review:

Andell Lashes #28 Black

These lashes were pretty darn good if you ask me. I had to cut them before applying them though because they were too long and didn’t fit on my whole eye. Other than that I enjoyed them. They enhanced my look and didn’t look fake. As far as pricing, they aren’t as cheap as the beauty supply but they weren’t that expensive either. I definitely would buy them again.

DUO Eyelash Adhesive

This stuff is amazing! Well, I think anything would be amazing after using hair bonding glue as your eyelash glue -_____-. Everybody knows that’s a big no no but I’m a big rule breaker so whatever. I finally chose to buy some DUO adhesive because I’ve heard great things about it. It came up to about $6 but that’s not too bad, especially since it’ll probably last forever. It’s waterproof so it’s definitely good if you plan to do any crying with your falsies and it’s perfect to use for brides because…well, most of them need waterproof everything for their eyes. Also, it’s white but it dries clear so you don’t have to worry about glue showing on your eyelids. They also have black glue if you don’t want to use the white one.

Overall I think I had a good buy. I bought these products from CVS and the total came out to about $12. I was in a rush, so I’m sure if I went to Walmart or something, I would’ve found them for much cheaper.

These products are labeled DESIRABLE!!!!