Photoshoots, Makeup, Fashion, I’M IN LOVE!

Yesterday was an absolutely AMAZING day! I got a call late Friday night asking if I could help out with the makeup for this photoshoot that was being done the next morning for my organization, FnM. Of course I jumped at the opportunity because it’ll be a great experience and great practice for me. After I agreed, I found out that me and another makeup artist, Ugonna would be working on a total of TWENTY TWO MODELS! I almost died! But I pulled myself together and accepted the challenge! Little did I know I would be working a freaking 9 to 5! Here was the itinerary:

9:00 am– Meet at the Student Center to prep the models in hair, makeup, and outfits.

12:30 pm– Head downtown for first photoshoot….Before we got to the photoshoot Ugonna and I had to make a pit stop at CVS to pick up a plum colored lipstick. (Revlon’s Super Lustrious Lipstick in “Va Va Violet”. I’ll do a review later.) After we got the lipstick we had to rush over to to the first shoot were we had to apply the lipstick to every model before they took their pictures.

2:00 pm– Head to railroad tracks for 2nd photoshoot…There were two tracks. I honestly thought both of them weren’t working but that thought was quickly put to an end when everybody had to clear the tracks because of an oncoming train! I almost pissed my pants when I saw that train coming. I had never seen a train that up close like that. It definitely was an experience. smh

2:45 pm– Photoshoot under the bridge…Right where the train tracks were, there was a bridge and under the bridge was alot of graffiti and it looked very rugged, so we chose to take pictures there as well. That is until a cop came -____- and told us that we couldn’t be there because it was owned by the railroad company and we were trespassing and blah blah blah. We quickly left because we definitely weren’t trying cause any problems.

3:30 pm– Photoshoot on a random fence…Since the one under the bridge was cut short we had to improvise….on a fence. It came out fierce though! 🙂

3:40-4:00 pm– A quick break!

4:15 pm– Photoshoot at SFA’s Arboretum…For those of you who know what a Arboretum is, you know how much plant life there is and how much more bugs there are…EEK! This pictures came out awesome though!

5:00 pm– Finished up, came home, took a shower, ate, AND CRASHED!

Overall I had a great time and an even greater experience. Everything is definitely falling into place for me and I am so happy. This experience definitely gave me a peek into the life of a makeup artist and I enjoyed it!

PS: Pictures from the photoshoot will be up within a few weeks. I don’t want to put any pictures up before they release them…So be on the look out!