FOTD #4 Fall into Turquoise!

You like my word play in the title? I thought it was pretty creative! 🙂

Aywhooo…since it’s now becoming scarf weather. I chose to pull out my gorgeous turquoise scarf and somewhat match my makeup with it. Since my shirt is black, and my scarf is the main piece in my outfit, I don’t want turquoise to be the main color in my look. That would just be wrong…always remember to NEVER completely match your makeup with your outfit. This means if you have on a pink shirt, do not put pink eyeshadow all over your eye. That’s just childish.

So what I did was, create a brown natural almost smokey eye look (like the name?). And on my bottom lash line, I applied some turquoise to make the look POP! For my face I applied a light pink blush from the apples of my cheek to the temple in a “C” shape. Then I applied a highlight right above my cheeks. For my lips I tried to do a nudeish pink color. But my lips are going through an exorcism right now, so I just applied some pink lipgloss.

Here’s the look:

Up Close!

Once again…Sorry about the horrible picture quality. I don’t have the best webcam and I lost the USB for my phone. Hope you guys enjoyed this post…I know I enjoyed doing this look! SMOOCHES! ❤