Foundation…Don’t let it mess you up!

So every good Makeup Doll knows that in order to achieve that flawless, professional look, foundation must be applied first before anything else. It can cover up imperfections and act as a blank slate when creating any look. But when can foundation become dangerous to your skin? When you don’t understand how it works and exactly what you need to do in order for your skin not to become messy on account of makeup.

There are three main types of foundation: cream, powder, and liquid. I’m basically going to focus on liquid foundation simply because that is the only kind I use. There are many myths about liquid foundation, mainly centering around how it can really mess up your skin if you use it. This isn’t entirely true!
Not only can foundation be used to create flawless skin, but it can be used to protect your skin from various element such as the sun (hence foundation with SPF 15), dirt, the cold (moisturizing foundation ) and other things.
What makes foundation potentially harmful to your skin is when you don’t wash your face before going to sleep. Most of the time with liquid or even with cream foundation, the product can get into your pores creating moderate to severe acne problems based on your skin type.
So how do we ensure that we get the best out of our foundation? Follow these steps so your skin can remain flawless with and without foundation!
  • ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS remember to wash your face before going to sleep at night. Use a facial scrub, and exfoliant, soap…just something to make sure your face is clean from all that makeup.
  • Buy the foundation that is right for you. Whether your skin is oily, dry, normal, or combination, you want to buy the foundation that best suits your skin. Go to your favorite department store makeup counter and ask a cosmetic specialist to help you pick out the best foundation based on your skin type. You don’t have to buy it, but at least you’ll know what to look for.