FnM Fashion Show

Remember a couple months ago, I told you all about a fashion show that I’ll be doing makeup for? Well it came and went like that! *snaps fingers* In all I had an amazing time! The day before I was telling my roommate how I didn’t think I would do it next semester and how it was just too much work. But when the day came and I was able to showcase some of my own creations and walk the stage at the end of the show, my mind was completely changed. All the makeup artists, stylists, hair stylists, and stage crew members were great and the show came together beautifully. I absolutely loved it, and I would definitely do it again next semester.

Here’s a couple of behind the scene pictures plus some looks I did!

Some stage models practicing their poses!

The night before the show!

Stage setup!

Lingerie Section...I did her makeup! 🙂

Here's the close up!

70's Wear..Did her makeup too! 🙂

Close up! Love her eyebrows! Aren't they fierce?

I don't really remember which section this is...but still fierce!

Another close up!