For the Love of Beauty!

Most people, when they see my makeup kit they’re usually is shock of all my makeup. I usually hear, “Omg there’s so much makeup!” or “Wow, it’s like Heaven!” or even “Do you even use all that?”. Either way, it’s funny to hear people’s reactions. I for one don’t think I have a lot of makeup AT ALL. Hell, I still need more!

The one question people do ask is “Why is there so much?”

My answer to them is, “when I fall in love with something, I fall hard”. I remember when I first realized that I really wanted to learn how to do makeup. It was the beginning of my sophomore year. I used to watch videos on YouTube and wonder how in the world they did those technniques. After watching a couple times, I went on a shopping spree: brushes, palettes, primer, EVERYTHING. Now that I had the tools I felt I could really learn how to do some makeup.

One of the first looks I did that I actually took a picture of...don't mind the boobies, I was going out. LOL

My other answer to the question above is, “I want to be a makeup artist.” I’ve done many people’s makeup since high school. But the first time I seriously considered being a makeup artist was my sophomore year. I would always do my best friend’s makeup and for some reason she would always like it! From there on I ventured out to doing other people’s makeup and charging (like I was really all that! LOL).

One of the first looks I did on my best friend.

I think the reason I love doing people’s makeup is to translate a woman’s inner beauty onto her face for the world to see. I believe that every woman has a desire to be and feel beautiful (hence the name “Her Desire”), and that’s what I love to do. I don’t think makeup is 100% about creating a look on someone, I think it’s more about enhancing the beauty that a woman already has. Every woman has something related to makeup that makes her feel like the most beautiful woman on the planet when she walks out of her house. Whether it’s lipgloss, a red lipstick, a full face of makeup, a certain eyeliner or just some mascara. What I like to do is use my knowledge to enhance that beauty and leave her feeling great about herself. I live for the moment when I do a makeover and woman looks in the mirror and just smiles. I swear that gives me all the satisfaction in the world!