Home for the Holidays

Hey Makeup Dolls!

So I know I haven’t been updating my blog that much lately. I’ve been sooooo busy! If you know anything about college students, you know that around the Holiday time we have finals and this is do or die for most of us. Well thankfully I am done with finals which means I’m done with the Fall 2011 semester and I’m home for the holidays! This means I will be able to update my blog more often and for those of you who follow me on YouTube I’ll be bringing back my Makeup Tutorials!! 😀

I’m really excited about this winter break in particular because I will finally be purchasing a camera! Most of my FOTD’s have been coming from my webcam and that’s why the picture quality isn’t the best. When I get my camera I will most definitely be rolling out FOTD’s daily. Spppeeeaaaking of pictures, I putting together a photoshoot so I definitely will have pictures up when that’s done!

Hope you guys have a great Holiday!

xoxo -Dee Nikki