…And The Grammy Award for Best Makeup Goes To…

Not because I’m her biggest fan and I love her to absolute pieces but because Adele’s makeup artist has kept her face on point ever since I first seen her. With her signature winged liner and heavy lashes, Adele’s makeup along with her voice is a force to be reckoned with. That’s why I dub her Grammy Winner for best Makeup of the Year!

With her vintage pinup look, Adele takes the cake for best makeup.




Runners Up:

#1 Rihanna looks like a bronze goddess here. Her makeup, along with her golden locks complement each other to the tee. The nudeish pink lips adds to the soft look and does something magical for her face. Great job Rihanna!

#2 I thought Carrie Underwood's makeup was absolutely gorgeous. Don't ask me why, but she reminded me of a cute fairy. The eyeshadow wasn't too dramatic which let the lashes she had on pop. She paired her eyes with a gorgeous nude lip. I definitely do love this look. Way to work it Carrie!

#3 I'm so glad Katy Perry chose to go the neutral route with her makeup, especially since her hair is blue. The bubble gum pink lips compliment her hair and outfit so she definitely rocked this look!