Spring Time Look with Maybelline’s New Cream Shadow

Photo credit: abrilliantbrunette.com

Spring is almost upon us and it is time for…COLOR. Maybelline, not to long ago came out with a new cream eyeshadow by the name of Eyestudio Color Tattoo 24hr Cream  Gel Shadow. It comes in 10 Vibrant Shades (see picture to the left).

I, for one can be very skeptical when it comes to cream eyeshadows because they are known for creasing, especially on oily lids. But, this eyeshadow by Maybelline gets the job done. It can be used as a liner, a regular eyeshadow or as a base under a powder shadow or pigment. I used “Fierce & Tangy” which is the matte orange shadow, under a orange eyeshadow it literally stayed on my eyes the WHOLE DAY. I even took a hour nap and my eyeshadow was still in tact.

When I think about how much I would normally pay for a MAC paint pot, a MUFE Aqua Cream Shadow, or even a Benefit cream shadow I wet my pants a little (not really) because Maybelline’s shadows are less than half the price! See my FOTD below for the way “Fierce and Tangy” looks on my skin tone.

These shadows run for about $7.00 each depending on where you buy them from. They definitely are worth it as they are highly pigmented and have multiple uses. This product is labeled DESIRABLE!

Close up!

Loooove it!