Foundation…Don’t let it mess you up!

So every good Makeup Doll knows that in order to achieve that flawless, professional look, foundation must be applied first before anything else. It can cover up imperfections and act as a blank slate… Continue reading

Sorry 4 The Wait!

Ok Makeup Dolls! I have been EXTRA busy these past few days. From tests to quizzes to makeup classes to parties to everything under the sun! I have not had a chance to… Continue reading

FOTD #4 Fall into Turquoise!

You like my word play in the title? I thought it was pretty creative! 🙂 Aywhooo…since it’s now becoming scarf weather. I chose to pull out my gorgeous turquoise scarf and somewhat match… Continue reading

FOTD #3 Orange Smokey Eye type thingy going on.

Ok so I got this look from Makeup Geek’s Fall Look and I absolutely LOOOOOVE IT!!! It was pretty easy too. I used my Coastal Scents 88 color palette. I had to use a… Continue reading

Photoshoots, Makeup, Fashion, I’M IN LOVE!

Yesterday was an absolutely AMAZING day! I got a call late Friday night asking if I could help out with the makeup for this photoshoot that was being done the next morning for… Continue reading

Swagged Up I Be Killin’

Now that I got your attention. Let’s talk about eyelashes!!! (You’ve probably realized that this post has nothing to do with the title :)) Anywho. This weekend I went out with a couple… Continue reading

Time to Prime!

Ever wondered why your gorgeous eyeshadow can’t make it through the day without creasing or shading? Are you trying to figure out why your foundation will not stay on and you have to… Continue reading

Trying something new. Nervous & Excited!

At my school, there’s a fashion organization called FnM (Fashion n Motion). They put together fashion shows that raise awareness for different societal issues: AIDS, irresponsible drinking and much more. Now, I may… Continue reading

Even In Makeup There Are Off Days.

So, today was an icky day for me because I just couldn’t get with the way my makeup was coming out. I tried to do something to match my Fedora hat (which has… Continue reading

It’s All About the Peacock Baby!

So apparently, this Fall peacock is definitely in, as well as turquoise (that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong). I’ve been seeing so many people with peacock earrings and there’s a big… Continue reading